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BGH offers a streamlined alternative to an inefficient and outmoded legal services model that is not aligned with the best interests of either businesses or individuals. This model characteristically staffs inexperienced attorneys to perform core work, seeks to maximize billable hours at inflated rates, and strives to expand rather than limit the scope of the engagement. As a result, clients often receive inefficient, redundant, and unnecessary services at unpredictable and excessive costs.

Scrap this model.   Work instead work with experienced, well-credentialed attorneys who – as business persons with entrepreneurial experience themselves – appreciate your challenges.  We advance your interests by providing services with demonstrable premium value that are responsive to your needs and objectives, and so are efficient, predicatable, and cost-effective.  BGH attorneys:


  •  offer superior qualifications with a high level of experience at fair and sensible hourly rates:
  •  have advanced professional credentials as well as personal business experience that enhance the value of our services;
  •  focus upon solving the discrete problems of our clients and not serving any other agenda;
  •  avoid inefficiency and redundancy because only experienced attorneys handle all matters relating to your case or matter;
  • ensure that our remuneration is based upon the value and benefits that we confer;
  • have a record of innovation and success, even in a notoriously difficult field;
  •  are tenacious and will fight hard to protect your rights and  interests; 
  •  return calls promptly because we appreciate the importance of your legal problem; 
  • are accessible to you and will work closely with you to achieve your objectives;
  • enjoy meeting and helping fellow entrepreneurs and business owners succeed.





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